UU Wellesley welcomes our newest intern, Sarah Bellows Meister, who will be with us from September 2017 to June 2018.  Please click HERE to read her bio.

UU Wellesley has a long history as a teaching parish.  We generally employ a ministerial intern, either full-time for one year or part-time for two.  Interns' training is supported by our Senior Minister and a committee of congregation members, and is funded by a special endowment we have established in honor of our minister emeritus, John Hay Nichols.  

Former ministerial interns include:
Joanna Lubkin
Kate Wilkinson
Jay Libby
Marjorie Matty
Kathleen Kopitsky
Nancy Palmer Jones
Sara E. Ascher
Kathy Schmitz
Margie King Saphier
Karen Brammer
Lee Blumel
Judy Cohen
Elsa Hagberg Worth
William Feinberg
Rod Debs
Phyllis B. O'Connell