The Ministerial Search Process

Click HERE if you would like to know more about how Unitarian Universalist congregations conduct the Ministerial Search process.

UU Wellesley's Search Committee

Contact a member of our Ministerial Search Committee: David Barnard, Kathy Coolidge (co-chair),  Rachel Cottone, Bill Fenstenmacher, Lisa Markey (co-chair), Vic Polk, and Doug Poutasse

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The UU Wellesley survey is here! Please take some time to complete our congregational survey and voice your opinion on what we need in our next minister and in our church. Members, friends, and youth -- we need your response. Your insights and ideas will direct the search for our next minister. 

Please take 15 minutes to provide this important input. There are multiple ways to access the survey:

1. Click HERE
2. Visit the Search table at Social Hour

Deadline for completion is June 15.  Thank you for speaking up for UU Wellesley!

If you have technical problems, need assistance with entry, or would like a paper version of the survey, please contact Rachel Cottone, Bill Fenstemacher, Kathy Coolidge, Lisa Markey, David Barnard, Doug Poutasse, or Vic Polk by clicking on a name in the section of this page just above.