We are conveniently located just west of the Rt. 9/Rt. 16 intersection (click HERE for directions), but visitors may be confused about how to get into our sprawling building.  Enter the driveway marked by a wooden sign (our driveway is one way, so westbound drivers must pass the exit).  There is reserved parking for first time visitors, several handicapped spots, and general parking to the left and at the back of the building.  Most visitors enter the vestibule via the covered entrance on the west/parking lot side.  However, we also have doors from the front courtyard, the front chapel (up some steps), and the rear corner.

When you enter the vestibule, you will be greeted, asked to fill out a visitor form, and invited to the Welcome Table.  The coatroom and rest room are to the left.  Young children can be brought to Child Care downstairs.  School-aged children stay with their families for the first 15 minutes of the hour-long service.  After the service, everyone gathers for a Social Hour with coffee and assorted snacks.  We would be delighted if you join us there.

Wondering what to wear? Come as you are most comfortable.  Some people attend services in jeans, others in business or business casual attire; some dress more formally for special occasions.  It is entirely up to you.

On rare occasions, Sunday services will be canceled when severe winter weather makes traveling unsafe. If you have questions about whether services are being held, please call the UU Wellesley office at 781.235.7423 and listen to the voice message there.

Please visit the FOR VISITORS section of the website for more information about UU Wellesley and Unitarian Universalism.

Refugee Response Discussion Group Mick Hirsch, Director of Religious Education, will host a preliminary discussion on the unfolding refugee crisis.

Refugee Response Discussion Group