Religious Education at UU Wellesley is…

▾ Cross Cultural

Religious Education at UU Wellesley is cross-cultural: children and youth explore world religions, learning not only about theological principles but also the rich cultural heritage that adds beauty and life to our diverse world. Our curricula are uniquely outward and global in focus, teaching children to recognize in others similarities and differences that contribute to an interdependent web of all existence.

▾ Values-Based

Religious Education at UU Wellesley is values-based: rooted in the 7 Principles of Unitarian Universalism, we honor the inherent worth and dignity of all peoples. Our curricula aims to provide children with more than knowledge about religious principles and practices. A UU Wellesley classroom is a lab for life, building character and instilling the traits of future leaders.

▾ Justice-Oriented

Religious Education at UU Wellesley is justice-oriented: children and youth grow up within a community united by progressive values. Adult volunteers committed to justice and advocacy facilitate age appropriate projects, activities, and service learning trips throughout the year. Children learn from an early age that the world is much bigger than themselves and that they have the power to make a positive difference. At UU Wellesley, we call this faith-in-action.

▾ Engaging

Religious Education at Wellesley is engaging: we believe religious education is rooted in critical inquiry; therefore, we are not afraid to ask the big questions of ourselves, our faith, and our world. Rather than prescribing answers, we encourage children and youth to ask questions, wrestle with complex ideas, and challenge one another to seek creative solutions to the world's most pressing and perennial concerns.

▾ Innovative

Religious Education UU Wellesley is innovative: we recognize that our world in many ways is moving at a faster pace than ever before, and that children and youth are often a little over-saturated with classroom time and scheduled activities by the time Sunday rolls around. Our programming is diverse and unique - we use technology, art, theater, science, yoga, and more to keep our classes engaging, active, and fun!

▾ Loads of Fun!

Religious Education at UU Wellesley is loads of fun!!! Although we take our task seriously, striving to live intentional, balanced lives in a complex and ever-changing world, we seek opportunities for fellowship, laughter, creative expression and building lifelong friendships. Music and the arts, food and festivity, supplement spiritual and educational development, encouraging good kids to be good kids !

Our Sunday religious education programming offers options for children of all ages. Families are encouraged to begin worship together in our Sanctuary during a fifteen-minute Intergenerational Opening, where children have the opportunity to participate each Sunday by opening our “Wonderbox.”  Senior Youth (grades 9-12) should go directly to the Loft at 10:30am from  Senior Youth Group meetings.  Childcare is available on Sundays from 10:15-11:30am in a dedicated pre-school classroom.  Children are also welcome to join their families for worship services in the Sanctuary on Multigenerational Service Sundays.  

The Curricula for 2017-18 follows

K-4 Class: “What Do You Stand For?”

Even elementary school children can build positive character traits like caring, citizenship, cooperation, courage, fairness, honesty, respect, and responsibility.  The true stories, inspiring quotations, thought-provoking dilemmas, and activities in this book help kids grow into capable, moral teens and adults.

Junior Youth (grades 5-8): “Building Bridges” and “Team Building with Teens”

“Building Bridges” is a world religions program to deepen youth's understanding of the dynamic, fascinating, and varied world in which they live.  It seeks to broaden their knowledge of humanity and embolden their spiritual search.

 “Team Building with Teens” contains thirty-six activities to make learning about leadership a hands-on experience. It encourages teens to recognize each other's strengths, become better listeners, communicate clearly, identify their values, set goals and more.

Senior Youth (grades 9-12)

Youth in grades 9-12 will be meeting monthly in the Loft, and working with a combination of “Team Building with Teens” and the UUA curriculum “Be the Change.”

We also have a number of exciting events scheduled for all ages, including service trips, field trips, and monthly social events for Junior and Senior Youth!

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss religious education opportunities for your children and family, please contact our Acting Director of RE, Elizabeth Foster, HERE.

To sign up for RE programs and trips, please click HERE for registration and release forms.