2017-19 Two Year Stewardship Drive

Change is in the air at UU Wellesley: we are extending our annual drive for contributions to support our operating budget to cover two years.  In less than a year, the Search Committee will be presenting a potential compensation package to our candidates for settled minister, as part of a packet of information that describes who we are.  We will conduct this Stewardship Appeal to cover two years rather than just one so that we are fully prepared to enter into these important compensation discussions. We hope to increase pledging for this next fiscal year so that we are able to reach all our programming goals and raise staff salaries, and then be positioned to fund a compensation package that will be attractive to a new minister the second year. This is a challenging goal; however, we are the same congregation that is well on its way to concluding a successful capital campaign with pledges of over $1.15 million for our buildings!   Congregants who so assuredly rose to meet our building needs will also certainly rally to support our people and programs on the inside as well!  

Like all Unitarian Universalist congregations, UU Wellesley is self-governing and self-supporting. We are financially independent and do not receive financial support other than what the congregation pledges, proceeds from fundraisers and rentals, and returns from our Endowment Fund.

Below are useful links on Stewardship, how to pledge, and how to donate:

Stewardship Giving Guide
Individual Pledge Card
Couples Pledge Card
Automatic giving
Donate by credit card

Capital Campaign

The UU Wellesley Capital Campaign is winding down. Although it originally arose to address a crisis – basement damage caused by a major flood and the need to mitigate against possible future flooding – we have seen dramatic improvements in our facilities as we completed projects to restore, improve and reconfigure our space in both the main church building and Rice House.  Please contact our office HERE about fulfilling your pledge. 

Planned Giving

As you think about your pledge to support the annual operating budget of UU Wellesley, please remember that there is another, extremely important way to assure the financial health of our faith community. End-of-life gifts designated for our endowment fund help to grow this permanent asset, which provides income, in perpetuity, for church programs. It is a wonderful and easy way to express your gratitude for what the church has contributed to your life. Please consider joining the forty-one individuals who have already included UU Wellesley in their estate plans and are therefore members of the Planned Giving Circle.

If you would like more information please EMAIL us.   

And after you have made your decision to honor the church in this very special way, please let us know of your intentions by filling out the online Planned Giving Circle Form